Rosemary Farm Sanctuary has adopted out over thirty horses since 2010. Here are some of the adopted horses who have gone off to forever homes.

The handsome, gentle, lively, intelligent, beautiful mover that is Noah. Noah was pulled from the kill pens as a sick baby, and has spent his childhood here at Rosemary Farm, growing strong in mind and body. As a 5yo in 2015, …

This is Picasso’s page.

Hazy, a big gentle 9yo Standard Bred mare.
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles
This is Bo Jangles’ page.
Lucky Chip
Lucky, a rare beauty, is a rose grey Appaloosa gelding.
The Phantom
The Phantom
"The Phantom" - one eyed, big strong pale appaloosa gelding.
Sage in the grass.
Sage is a gorgeous, gentle natured paint mare.

J.C. ' Jiminy Cricket!
Cricket (JC) is a gaited TN Walker, who was an owner surrender from a family in need. Seen here with his big tri-color friend Behr, JC is easy to ride and a pleasure to be around. We began JC with …

Riley, our purebred QH youngster

Update; Nov 2015, ADOPTED! One of our LARGest horses, biggest challenges and biggest successes for 2014 was this beautiful horse we named Shiloh. A shire/tb cross, he was suffering from a life threatening leg wound that had been festering for …

Update; Feb 2016, ADOPTED! A 21 yo fantastic appy mare who happens to not have a tail, Rosebud is the quintessential appaloosa; big and stocky and opinionated and fun! She is looking for her forever person, someone who wants to …

This is the new page for Falcon, a former ranch horse with a checkered past, surrendered to Rosemary Farm in the fall of 2015. Cautious at first, this boy is willing to trust and is being given some time to …

Update; ADOPTED! A dark and handsome boy, this branded BLM American Mustang was in danger at auction when Rosemary Farm stepped in. Like many of the mustangs that come our way, he had developed a mistrust of humans and has …

Another BLM branded mustang, Pilgrim was surrendered to Rosemary Farm in the summer of 2015. Like many, he had a few owners and a few scary events and trust is hard won. He’s a sweetheart, we are thrilled he is part …

Update; Merry was adopted the summer of 2016!! A beautiful and gentle haflinger mare, Merry was saved from slaughter by Rosemary Farm and adopted out almost immediately. Returned in 2015 because of financial issues, Merry has been getting to know …

UPDATE; ADOPTED! January 2016- This saucy appy mare arrived in the summer of 2014, with her adult daughter Ruby. What a pair. They had not seen another horse in, well, in Ruby’s entire 14 years! Rosebud was a riding horse …

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Blitzen & Comet (The Christmas Colts)
The Christmas colts, Blitzen and Comet, purchased just before christmas 2011, at auction for $10 each.