Get Involved!

You are probably asking, "How can I help?"

Adopt. Sponsor. Donate. Volunteer. Share!

These are the basic ways to help us or any rescue in their efforts. Everyone finds their own way to get involved but everyone CAN HELP.

Adopting is a big commitment and obviously not for everyone. If you think you might be interested, please read more about our policies under 'Wanna Get Hitched?" on this website.

Sponsoring one particular horse for a time or donating a small amount every month is a great way to help our horses. Sponsor programs are outlined in the 'shop' and 'donate' section; But just below you can click to sign up as a monthly donor!

Volunteer! If you are driving distance to the sanctuary, you might enjoy signing up for a few hours each week or each month, and helping us with the physical work on the farm.  Shoveling poop is not the only job we need help with, there are plenty of chores and projects at any given time. There are also 'non-horse' projects in the office or if you don't leave nearby, perhaps you can help us online. If you are interested in volunteering here, it's ideal to attend one of our Free Tours in advance; they are held 1-4 times a month and announced on facebook (the weather is a big factor for the tours!). On the tour, you will get an idea of where we are located, what our terrain is like, and the size of our facilities. Then we can sign you up for a time that you are comfortable with! If you would rather contact us in advance, just drop an email to

Host an event! Rosemary Farm Sanctuary is always looking for new venues to host fundraisers, or speak to groups of interested people. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, drop us a line! Some people hold yard sales with all of the proceeds going to the horses, or other creative ideas that we haven't thought of... Please be sure that if you want to host an event for RF or any 501c-3 non-profit, that you have permission to use the Charity Name first! Email us at to discuss!

Have some hay or other supplies that you would like to donate? Thank you! We need it. We serve up lots of hay each day and we use all sorts of supplies. What we cannot use we sell in 'tack sales' periodically throughout the year. We can provide receipts of your donations that can be submitted with your year end tax filing, for deductions.

REMEMBER< all donations to Rosemary Farm Sanctuary are tax deductible within the limits of the law! Yay!

Our monthly donors are the bread and butter of our daily operations. From $10 up, any amount, added with the donations from others who care, helps us continue. It's fast and easy to sign up as a monthly supporter, and if you like, you can choose one particular horse to feed. Thank you for caring!
Member: $10.00 USD - monthly Sponsor 25: $25.00 USD - monthly Sponsor 50: $50.00 USD - monthly Sponsor 100: $100.00 USD - monthly Sponsor 150: $150.00 USD - monthly
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