Always wanted your own dream horse? But you don’t have the room, the time, or the knowledge? Perhaps our unique Staydoption™ program is for you. This program is designed to connect special people with some of the special horses here at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary; horses that are best served by remaining here, for either physical or emotional reasons. Many of these horses have love to give, and welcome a guardian angel. For a commitment of $300 a month you could be that guardian angel for one horse. A ‘staydoption’ is different then a regular sponsorship, because the staydopter agrees to cover this monthly care for the life of the horse. Only one person may ‘staydopt’ a horse. The horse may not leave the property and this is not a substitute for a traditional adoption. The monthly amount covers all of the basics for the horse, including food, hoof care, dental care, training. If there are further costs they are covered by the sanctuary general funds. In exchange, the Stay-dopter receives a special certificate commemorating the special relationship they have undertaken, periodic photos and private updates, and private visits with “their” horse. Legally, the horse remains under the full and complete ownership of the sanctuary, so that all care and training decisions may be made by the staff. However, Rosemary Farm staff will work to facilitate special time between horse and person, if visits are possible.

In exchange for this selfless gift, the stay-dopter will receive a year end statement for the full amount of the support to be used in their year end tax filings. We hope that the joy of connecting to, and supporting, one special horse is the real gift of this program.

As of this writing, Rosemary Farm has two horses that are stay-dopted.

If you are interested in Stay-doption, please send an email to to discuss which horses are available, and we will be happy to discuss.