This page is here because we get this question a lot; “Can I foster?”

Currently, Rosemary Farm Sanctuary does not use foster homes to keep any of our horses. We have found that each move is difficult on a psyche already stressed and troubled, and that it’s harder for us to evaluate and guide recovery for a horse if they are not here at the sanctuary.

However, we do use foster time as part of our adoption process. With any potential adopter, first we use your application to help suggest a compatible horse from ours, then we make introductions. If all is well, the horse may then move to your home as a ‘foster’. The foster time period is delicate and special; we like to think of it as ‘living together before marriage’. It’s the time to see if the relationship is magic and is going to work! The foster time period lasts from 1-3 months, and then either the horse returns safely to the sanctuary or the adoption is completed. If you are interested in exploring adoption, please read more under that link, and find our application there as well (it can be filed out online!)

We are working on a new program, specifically for senior horses, a ‘Forever Foster’ program. This is something that my mother has done with her senior dog, adopted from a rescue. They cover any medical expenses for the life of that senior, and the owner covers basic daily food and tons of love. We think this is a fantastic idea and would love to develop a similar idea for some of our senior horses. When it’s fully developed we will share here, but if we haven’t shared here and this interests you, feel free to drop a line to us at I think that this would be something terrific for someone who has a barn and enjoys the company of a warm muzzle and soft nicker, and many senior horses fare well in smaller groups. We look forward to evolving this idea.