Adoptable Horses

Over 60 horses are in residence at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary! At any given time, about 1/3 are actively available for adoption, another 1/3 are in training or rehabilitation, and 1/3 are in permanent sanctuary. Some of our horses are shown below! If you have a specific idea about the skills, or size, or breed, or age of horse you are considering, you may want to fill out the adoption application and allow us to guide you as to which of our beauties might be a good fit. Enjoy!

Beautiful and mysterious Zoey
Zoey, a beautiful dark standardbred mare.

Zee’s new page; more shortly!

Tess was welcomed in May of 2017. She was one of a much larger herd in need when her owner ran out of means and breeding got out of hand. However, Tess and all the horses were treated with love, and …

Silver Bells
Generally known by her nickname Silvie, this saucy pale grey arabian mare joined Rosemary Farm just before Christmas in 2015. She spent several years alone, a solo horse, the last of a family of horses and people that either died …

This dark and beautiful connemara mare arrived as part of the ‘pony club’, a trio of ponies surrendered to Rosemary Farm early in 2014. She was with Little Nell and the baby Katniss, and the three were together in their …
Sable, champion polopony
An ex-Polopony mare champion, enjoys brushing and cuddling.

The irascible Puck arrived after an abuse case, as a starved yearling stud colt with issues, both physical and emotional. He suffers from some dwarf-like symptoms, has a dropped back (lordosis) and crowded teeth. He can be food aggressive and …

Shy dark bay pony mare, we met in Feb 2013 when she and her tiny infant son arrived at Rosemary Farm. Too young to be a mother, we believe she was impregnated while in the kill pens, where she was …
Melody is a lively, sweet pony mare.
Super sweet, somewhat shy, Marshall, an OTTB gelding.

Lexi is gorgeous, with a thick mane and tail, and beautiful gaits. She does have some training.

Leo arrived as a tiny infant, just a few days old, with his young frightened mother Piper. Since that time, he has grown into a gentle friendly boy, a beautiful tricolor who just celebrated his 3rd birthday, in Feb 2016! …

Iron is a tall dark and handsome thoroughbred, , with dark points and white chrome. Surrendered to RF in the summer of 2014, he settled into the Gentle Band quickly, becoming the protector of Riley and the frequent escort of …

This is the arabian gelding Ice’s page; more shortly!
Hannah Starshine
Hannah, a beautiful Standardbred mare at Rosemary Farm.

Hamlet, our cuddly gentle pony colt.
Gypsy gentle pale paint mare
Gypsy is a beautiful and gentle pale paint mare.

A gorgeous saddlebred mare, sound and full of life, this girl was saved from slaughter by Rosemary Farm in 2012 and almost immediately adopted out. After spending nearly three years gone, she returned to us in the spring of 2015 …

The last horse of 2014 welcomed to Rosemary Farm, Dante is a  beautiful pale grey Andalusian/thoroughbred cross gelding who needed a soft spot to land. He does have riding training, both indoor (beginning dressage) and on the trail. As a …

“He can do 10 miles but not more” was the curt description when Cole was sold at auction in January 2017. Severely underweight, suffering, winning his life only cost $200 but his heart is pure gold. Cole became a house …

This is Clover’s page.

Cleo is a tall (and growing!) [rf_age y='2010' long='true'] filly, with one blue eye. Available for adoption to the right forever home!

Ava is a Halfie mother saved at auction with her filly, Jess.

Autumn Moon
A beautiful bright chestnut mare, her past and her thoughts a closely guarded mystery. When we spied her at auction (October 2014), she already believed that she was without hope or chance; she stood with her eyes slightly glazed over, …