Things to consider before committing to Adoption

  • We are committed to finding forever, loving homes for our available horses.
  • We expect adoptive families to have weighed the decision to adopt seriously, with the awareness that horses may live into their 30’s, and will need appropriate lifetime care.
  • We expect adoptive families to be aware of the unforseen expenses potential with horse ownership,  and that they are committed to the horse of their choice.
  • We represent our horses as accurately as possible, based on our experience with them, but in our environment, we are sometimes able to handle a behavior that an adopter may not.
  • Horses are perfect ‘flight animals’; it is the responsibility of the adopter to gauge if the horse is appropriate  for their ability, experience and home environment.
  • We stand behind our horses and our word, but cannot foresee all future circumstances.
  • When the adoptive family runs into a challenge with their new horse, we expect they will pursue any and all options to continue to provide the horse with a good home, including training for the horse, or themselves, to overcome the problem. We are available for support.
  • If the adoptive family does encounter a situation where they feel they can no longer provide the proper home  for their adopted horse, we will work together to find a solution for all involved--- most of all, the horse!

Adoption Guidelines

  1. Please be over 21 years old if you want to adopt. If you are under 21, please have your parents contact us on your behalf. You can use our contact form to send us a message here.
  2. We will consider adoption to anywhere in the USA, but potential adopters must visit Rosemary Farm as a part of their adoption process (see below). We will not consider adoption without this meeting.
  3. Equines are herd animals and must live with another equine for their health and happiness. We do not adopt out solo horses, and our contract includes a committment to never keep the horse alone.
  4. Rescue efforts are working to stem the tide of homeless horses, and as such, RF adopted horses cannot be bred. To this end, we do not adopt out stallions.
  5. It is acceptable for an adopted horse to be boarded, providing the facilities and care are adequate, but preference is given to ‘at home’ stables, and some horses are not available to adopters that board.
  6. Our adoption agreement includes a ‘right of refusal’ clause. If the adopter is unable to continue ownership, the horse must first be offered back to Rosemary Farm. ‘Foster Agreements” are a great way to try ’living together’ first, as a way to insure compatibility.

Here are our horses available for adoption...

Adoption steps

If you are interested in adopting, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit! Please write to schedule an appointment to visit Rosemary Farm. We can discuss, in advance, possible matches for you. We encourage adopters to take their time here, as the interaction is an opportunity to observe the compatibility of both horse and human. Multiple meetings are welcome and encouraged. We do not adopt out any horse, ever, without meeting first at the sanctuary.
  2. Apply! Download a copy of the Adoption Application, and the Adoption Agreement. The terms of Adoption are explored in detail in this Agreement, and some terms may be modified to suit the specific horse, or family situation.
  3. Applications may be submitted in advance. If the adopter is considering a riding horse, an approved application is required before a riding visit is scheduled. There is no unscheduled riding by visitors and no riding by unapproved adopters, but first visits are most welcome before this step.
  4. Get Approved! Once the Adoption Application has been received, we will contact the references provided, conduct a background check, and schedule a visit to the facility where the horse will be kept. If adopter is farther away, we will arrange for a home visit by a nearby rescue, and supplement with photos and video.
  5. The ‘Foster’ Option; The Board of Directors will discuss all applicants. Final approval includes all aspects of forseeable compatibility. Frequently a horse is initially released on a ‘Foster to Adopt’ Agreement, to allow the horse and new family time to bond and insure the match. During such time, the horse is cared for by the adoptive family, but remains owned by Rosemary Farm. Details are in the agreement. The length of time for a foster agreement can vary for as long as it takes for everyone involved to be completely comfortable.
  6. Commit! Upon a final decision, the Adoption Agreement will be signed by both parties, and the Adoption Fee paid in full. There is no fee during the time of ‘fostering’, but if the adoption does not move forward, foster home agrees to trailer horse to and from Rosemary Farm at their own expense. RF reserves the right to approve the shipper.
    Adoption Fees are non-refundable and facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of future horses from slaughter.
    Adoption fees will not be returned, even in the event the horse is returned to Rosemary Farm.



  1. Kim and crew says:

    Thank you for helping these wonderful critters!!! We live in town so a horse is not possible but are the proud home of two rescue dogs, two cats and one very spoiled rat!
    Keep up the wonderful work!!!
    Blessings to you all