Wish List

Money can't buy you love...
But running a sanctuary takes a lot of things that money can buy. If you have any of those things or can get them and donate them to us, well then we won't need money to buy those things!

Here is a wish list of items we need. Some are one-time items and some on going. Remember, any items donated are tax deductible.
(We also accept donations of items we can sell. Thanks for your support.)

  • HAY - We can always use donations of hay. If you can deliver it... even better.
  • GATES and PANELS - We go through a surprisingly lot of gates and panels. Do you have any or know anyone who has any in good condition which they no longer need?
  • FENCING MATERIALS - We use wood and electric rope fencing. We use both wood posts and t-posts. Any materials to construct new or expand/repair our old fences is always appreciated.
  • RUN-IN SHED - We need more run-in sheds as well as tack/storage sheds/barns. If you have and old one that can be transported maybe we can arrange to come get it. Or if you have materials to build same, we could probably arrange the labor to construct it.
  • SKID STEER - If you don't know what it is you don't have it! I know this is a big one, but it would really be helpful around the farm. There is a lot of clean up around here and sometimes the tractor is too big. Even if you have or know of one not working, we may be able to get it and have it repaired.
  • TRACTOR IMPLEMENTS - We have a great tractor, but we can alway use attachments. York rake, hay spike, drag harrow; we can use them all.
  • PLANE,TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES - Anything we could sell or scrap for cash would also be accepted. We are not to proud to haul things to the scrapyard for cash!
We also have a wish list at SmartPak, a wonderful online company that regularly donates equine supplies to Rosemary Farm. Click here to go to our wish list on their website.

Or you can call McDowell Walker in Delhi NY. We get our grain and many other supplies from them. They are a great local supplier with excellent products and service. You can purchase things for us directly, or get us a gift certificate which we can put towards our regular purchases.
Manager, Steve, 607-746-2314