Robert, co-founder

Robert still regrets saying yes to buying that farm upstate. 🙂

While still in Brooklyn, and the farm a pleasant dream for the weekends, acreage sounded amazing. Horses sounded lovely (they know how to ride, right?). The huge old dairy farm was purchased, and that first pair of horses sounded romantic. ON the other side, several years (and over 130 horses later) it’s great to look back and laugh, and appreciate what was truly begun.

Robert is a longtime vegan and animal advocate, and has tirelessly dedicated hours every day to the sanctuary that has grown up on that old dairy farm, working as a volunteer to build something lasting and beautiful. Frequently in the background of stories and events, he has made special friends with Zak, who arrived as a blind two year old stud colt. Participating in Zak’s training on the ground, under the tutelage of Dan McCarthy, then starting to ride Zak (yes, ride the blind youngster!), Robert and Zak showed the beautiful limitless possibilities when the team rode in 2014 in BOTH of the Rosemary Farm charity rides. The city boy and the blind horse did just fine.