Leigh M., Acting Vice President

After a childhood wrapped in horse lust, Leigh got lured away from ponies to pointe shoes, leaping into the performing arts world. Years later, it occurred to her that middle-aged lady horse fantasies were as potent as young girl horse fantasies. She rescued her first horse, who emerged as a life-changing project. A world-class hunter/jumper who had physically and mentally fallen apart, Stardust invited Leigh into an extraordinary new world of working and playing with horses as allies and partners rather than servants.

Along the way, she discovered that horses are a lot like potato chips. She’s owned by four,  two of whom she adopted from Rosemary Farm.
When she’s not caught up in animals, Leigh’s work in the world is to help people imagine past what they think is possible. She has helped thousands of organizations with strategic planning and communications in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and has sat on numerous Boards of Directors. Currently, in addition to RF, she serves on the Board of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, the MARK Project, and the Academic Advisory Board of Spring Journal and Books.

She and her husband founded and own Spillian, a creative center and lodge on an amazing historic mountain estate built by the Fleischmanns Yeast family in the 1880’s. She has a doctorate in cultural mythology and psychology and coaches people around the world in going after the wild idea they’ve been dreaming of.

She is thrilled to support Rosemary Farm, believing that this wild idea is a powerful and important as any she’s come across.

You can learn more about her, if you’d like, at Spillian.com or leighmelander.com.