Meet the humans

RFSI is a volunteer based 501c-3 charity, guided by a Board of Directors and run in it’s day to day operations by a few key people and a variety of volunteers. Here’s a brief look at the key humans who make up our efforts.

Joann H- Board member
Welcomed to the Board in January 2016, Joann brings a wealth of non-profit experience organizing the MA Ride for the Ribbon! As a rider, jeweler and retired attorney, Joann has a unique combination of skills that will surely benefit Rosemary …

Leigh M., Acting Vice President
After a childhood wrapped in horse lust, Leigh got lured away from ponies to pointe shoes, leaping into the performing arts world. Years later, it occurred to her that middle-aged lady horse fantasies were as potent as young girl horse …

Dawn Robyn, Founding Executive Director & President
The Founder and President of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.

Robert, co-founder
The unwitting co-founder of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, and Zak's BFF.

Kelli G
Founding board member, talented horsechick

Anna C
Board member, talented shutterbug and tireless advocate

Board member, Secretary, compassionate & skilled horsechick

Ashley W, Equine Caregiver
Equine caregiver, skilled horsechick

Reg H, farm maintenance
Our wizard of machines and fields

Amy M, donor relations
The laughter inside the office...